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Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Jesse and I am the Office Manager at Advanced Media LLC.

A lot of people ask me how I got started in this business. My journey began in my Junior year of high school. I took a film class and I ended up learning on old school linear editing equipment and shooting silly videos around Poway High School in San Diego. I was fortunate enough that they had a pretty cool program because many schools do not offer anything in the way of film classes. When I transferred to Palomar College I worked on general education credits and was hard pressed to figure out my major. It all kept coming back to this direction that I’ve been gently pushed into. I took a class in Screenwriting.

I transferred to the University of California at Santa Cruz after completing Junior College and I began to really immerse myself in film school. The program at UCSC offered 16mm film camera as well as digital camera training. Students were able to rent lighting equipment, microphones, cameras and other necessary items. The program also gave me an opportunity to experience hands on editing and a top notch Film History department. Initially I worked in the AV department and part of my job was to set up equipment for teachers to use in presentations and I ran projectors for screenings. Later I ran the equipment rentals for students in my class as part of a work study program. I had the opportunity to join the Production concentration shortly after arriving at UCSC and I made a few art films there as well as a couple of short, Observational Documentaries.

Upon graduation I moved to the Bay area where I worked for Filmcore for about 6 months as the assistant to the Vault Manager. I had a blast there but I gave it all up to travel the country with some college buddies. It was an amazing time in my life but I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to work in film after that. I ended up moving around quite a bit and settled in New York for 4 years.

When I returned to Los Angeles I applied for an internship with Advanced Media which I found posted on I was starting over again. After 3 months on the job, my immediate supervisor left the company and I took over running the day to day operations at Advanced Media. Since then I’ve learned all about analog formats, video to DVD transfers, 8mm film transfers and video marketing. One of the editors here gave me a few lessons in demo reel editing and I began to take on clients. Now I have a couple years under my belt cutting everything from demo reels for actors and directors to music videos and trailers for feature films. So inevitably my path has been a road through the past but my eyes were always on the future of the industry. To find out more, please contact me here. (323) 469-0707

What Digital File is Best for Me?

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Choosing the right digital file format in today’s complex and ever evolving day and age is no longer a simple task, nor should it be.

Whether you are looking for a digital filing software, digitizing files, digital file storage, digital filing solutions, digitizing service, digital file delivery, scan to file, video and document imaging or even free digitizing, you will need to make a choice about what type of digital files you actually need and want.

We at Advanced Media, a Los Angeles Digital Files, Video and Media Services provider can be of immense value to you.

Please contact us HERE or at (323) 469 0707 / (855) 551 5857

Let us start with a brief explanation of various video files and what they can do for you. This article is going to address primarily video files, however, same principles do apply when dealing with various forms of image and picture files, scans, films, digitizing software, digitizing programs and overall media and documents management.


Generally speaking, when it comes to digital video files, there are 3 main categories:

Uncompressed files – these files are large, heavy, offer virtually no compression (or very little) and are generally suited for high-end use and high-value content, such as broadcast, digital cinema and archival. The two main considerations are that the files are very large in size and require above-standard systems to be able to play in real time. Also, there is no generational loss in exporting uncompressed file to an uncompressed file.

In layman terms, these are heavy and bulky files, and you will only want them if your source content hold a commercial value to you or others.

For techies, examples include: DPX, Uncompressed, Lossless, RGB, Cineon, EXR and the likes. If you are not well versed with these terms, you probably do not need it.


Effectively Compressed files – these files offer the best compromise between uncompressed and highly compressed files. They preserve the overall picture quality in a way similar to uncompressed, however with higher compression, while offer a much smaller file size. Those types of files are used primarily for editorial purposes and for general use content, or when storage space and file size is a concern. These files can usually play on most systems. An export from this type of file, would incur some generational loss, however minimal.

To put it simply, these are the type of files that most people need. They provide the best of both worlds – good enough quality at a reasonable size.

Some examples of such files are: ProRes, Sorenson, DV, DVC, MPEG and others. Even if you do not know the terms, you may want to consider using these files.


Highly Compressed files – highly compressed files are used primarily for internet distribution or for editorial, screening or approval processes where quality is not a concern, and when large amount of files are needed to be moved rapidly. The main benefit of these highly compressed files is their very small size and ability to play them on any system, and their main drawback is the lower quality they offer. An export from a highly compressed file would account for a significant generational loss.

The most important thing to consider is that once you get these files, you cannot go higher in quality (unless you still have access to your source content), so you better choose carefully.


In summary, choosing the right digital files for your needs is no easy task, and you may want to always consult a professional. We at Advanced Media are ready and able to assist you. Tthe more we learn about your final and intended uses, the better overall better advice and guidance we can provide.


Please contact us HERE or at (323) 469 0707 / (855) 551 5857



What is our mission at Advanced Media?

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Some of you may know that we as Advanced Media have been operating at our new location for over 5 years now. few of you may also know that Advanced Media (formerly Advanced Video) has had several iterations, and in fact was originally established at around 1940 as one of Hollywood’s first duplication and services house.

We think that it is good to review our mission every certain period and see if we still feel strongly about it, and whether it really serves its purpose.

Our mission is pretty simple: to be the best community-based media services provider and to provide true value to or customers at affordable prices.

Since we are based in Hollywood and Los Angeles, our goal is to provide the best video and media services in the greater Los Angeles area.

We would like to share with you some recent testimonials we got from customers. These are genuine words, written by people we served.


We have been extremely impressed by the professionalism of you and your team.


YOU WERE AMAZING!! Your were quick. You knew exactly what you were doing. You provided great input, and the overall quality of the final demo reel was excellent.


It has been a pleasure to work with you and Advanced Media, and I sincerely appreciate the professionalism and integrity that you’ve shown on this project.


Hope you aren’t working too hard, but had to meet you only once to know that you are amazing that way and probably are! I could thank you all day a million more times for your time/help & expertise! :-)))


We have more of those and we are proud to share them with you. When we get this type of feedback, we know that we are on the right track and that we have provided great value to thousands of people.

While we always seek to improve, this type of feedback let us know that we are on the right track in our goal to support the community.

For an feedback, comments or questions, please contact us HERE or at (323) 469 0707.

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