Advanced Media, LLC (formerly Advanced Video, est. 1984) was started by video professionals as an affordable place serving community residents with all their video needs. As years went by and the industry changed, Advanced Video was acquired by a new group of film industry professionals in 2007.

In its current form, as Advanced Media, LLC, we have transformed the business, from investing millions of dollars in new equipment, to hiring top‐notch professionals and to focusing on outstanding customer service.

We have several video transfer specialists, skilled editors, dedicated customer service staff and are equipped to deal with every media related task. We have invested countless of hours in learning, developing and perfecting every single aspect of our technology processes to ensure that our customers get the best possible quality. Today, Advanced Media, LLC, is focused on offering a vast array of media services and gearing up to serve the entire US community in exciting new ways.

We believe that every single individual deserves to have their family and life history preserved and cherished in perpetuity. At the core, we are still a community‐based company, aiming to provide an affordable, warm and friendly place for everyone.

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