1″ Reel to Reel Video

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Once in a blue moon a client calls about this very rare video format known as 1” reel to reel video.

The name kind of describes this format very well. Much like ¼” audio reel to reel, it’s a circular roll of video tape that is not encased in housing like VHS or other tape formats are. Because of that fact, it can be difficult to work with. However, as professionals we take the greatest care with your media and treat it as if it was our own.

The customer here has a choice of transferring to footage to computer files or to DVD. I recommend files if you would like to edit and the DVD is good if you just like to watch. Either are pretty good if you’re looking to archive or store you media and get it off of this now antiquated format.

You wouldn’t believe it but the machine is very large and cumbersome. It’s about the size of a small refrigerator.  The cost is $100/hr for these types of transfers because it is a very specialized format.

Another rare format that is sometimes mistook for 1” is ½” reel to reel video. So get out your measuring tape if you want to know for sure. We do not have a ½” reel to reel machine. This is a notoriously finicky format. For more information on 1” reel to reel transfers to DVD or file, please contact us here.