16mm or 8mm?

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Perhaps you’ve unearthed some film or happened upon it some way and you want to know how to tell if you have 8mm or Super8 or maybe even 16mm.

One quick way would be to use a measuring tape. If the film is 8mm wide, chances are you have some variety of 8mm film. Good, because that’s a little cheaper to transfer generally. I had a customer come in earlier this week with what he thought was 8mm film. It turns out, ¼” reel to reel audio, which we also transfer, is pretty similar looking. Of course the tape is a shade of dark brown and you can tell by holding it up to the light and by the fact that it has no sprocket holes, that’s it’s in fact, audio.

Another way to know if you have film is to give it a good whiff. If it smells like vinegar, you’d better bring it down to Advanced Media for a transfer because the film will eventually disintegrate and the smell of vinegar is a tell tale sign that this process has already begun. Sadly, film does not last forever. A good deal of silent films from the United States have disappeard. Very few remain and this is a sad fact. There are societies for preservation but not all films are deemed important enough to make the list and are lost forever. Don’t let this happen to you. We offer HD digital files for Mac and PC users. The price is $3/minute for Mac users and $2.50/minute for PC users. We also provide DVDs if you’re not a computer person or if you just want to have a watch with the fam. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns here. (323) 469-0707