8mm Film Transfers: Framing

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One very interesting fact about 8mm and Super8 transfers that most people don’t realize is that when the transfer process happens, the framing of the picture actually cuts off some of the picture on the left and right hand side.


Part of the transfer tech’s job is to position the 16×9 box within the film to create an effect that leaves clean edges. That’s why the cutting occurs. The top is intact.


The HD footage is 16×9 so the aspect ratio dictates the shape of the box that is visible. Everyone I’ve spoken to about this says that people don’t want to see the messy edge-work with the sprocket holes but I think I might be inclined to get my own film done that way. I had my Super8 footage transferred professionally a few years back and I’m considering re-doing it myself here to get the entire picture. Then I can make the final decision if I want to in editing. That way I have more control.


I realize of course that most people don’t have access to editing equipment or have the interest to even take on such a task and that over half of my customers prefer a DVD to the HD files. And to these customers, I’m sure that they just want a nice, clean finished product with no ragged edges. I understand that.


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