8mm Film

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8mm Film

8mm Film

8mm film has been around since the early 1930s and was developed to provide a cheaper alternative to the costlier 16mm film format.

The 8mm film format was an instant success and has been used by individuals, families and professionals alike to document life as it happened, which today represents our entire unique and invaluable history and memories.


8mm film comes in several variations – Standard 8mm film, Super 8mm film, Single-8 and Straight 8, with the most common being Standard 8 film and Super 8 film. The Super 8 was introduced in the mid-60s and quickly replaced the standard 8mm by many users.

Most 8mm films we receive have no sound. However, occasionally we get films with sound embedded, which we handle as well. Transferring 8mm film with sound does require an extra process.

The 8mm format has faded with the advent of cheaper and more accessible VHS camcorders, however, recently there has been a revival of the 8mm and Super 8 formats, with many artists and hobbyists shooting on 8mm film in order to utilize its unique picture qualities and several film festivals dedicated to 8mm film had sprung up. Even higher-end wedding videographers have been using 8mm film now in order to achieve an authentic nostalgic film look.

We at Advanced Media have transferred tens of thousands of feet of film for thousands of individuals and institutions from around the country.

We currently offer a major upgrade and transfer 8mm film directly to high-definition video (HD), therefore you will be receiving the highest possible resolution for your film, which will enable you to enjoy it in ways that were not possible before. In addition, we monitor and adjust the motion so that your film will not run too fast or to slow.

The benefits of transferring to HD are that the clarity, resolution and motion are much better and vastly improved. Now, you, your friends and your family can finally enjoy your family history in full high-definition clarity.

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