9 Sites I Like and Why

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There are a variety of web sites that I love to click on a daily basis. These sites keep me coming back because they provide a basic human need. Please read on, but don’t judge me. I’m only human. bold claim that “Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s news” is pretty appealing. I’m pretty sure this is kind of a best of the best in strange news around the world. I don’t read the newspaper. Too depressing. I like the writing and the edge and the story choices. They cover all the hilarious scandals, the art world and some political subjects as well.

I don’t really read the Onion that much but I would say that every time I do I laugh extremely hard at their stories about “Area Man…” I just love satire.

Yes, I’m on Facebook to connect with friends and to laugh at random posts and also find out about new music and informative articles that people post.

I’m an unabashed fan of Vice Magazine. Sorry, I just think the Do’s and Don’ts though sometimes very hit or miss are just good comic relief. They take the edge off of reality and let me know that I’m not actually the most judgmental person on the planet.

Youtube for music videos mostly but I’ll check out some Fail videos if I’m really having a bad day. Let’s me know someone’s day is worse. I hope I’m not being too honest here. Also, I can find informative tutorials that help me learn new programs or figure out new ways of using the ones I’m already familiar with.

Grooveshark I use to listen to music. I like Pandora as well but I haven’t switched over to Spotify just yet.

I also check our websites like which details our demo reel editing and production services. And I can’t forget about which I check just to make sure the transfer site is up and working correctly each day.