A Scanner Lightly

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As the Office Manager at Advanced Media, I oversee a lot of family history projects from beginning to end.

I started thinking about my own family history. I too have boxes and boxes of slides and photographs left behind by my grandmother. There’s always one photographer in the family and that designation has now fallen to me. But I had to wonder, when would it be my turn to take all these images, most of which I had never even seen, and create digital files so my entire family could witness a bit of our history that we still don’t know much about. I decided to start with my own photographs that I have collected since childhood.

As I began scanning them, I found that each photograph contained a unique memory of a time and a place that no longer exists anywhere except here in this snap shot. I found that I wanted to share them with my friends and family, some who have since passed away. The faces and places began to speak to me and I began to piece together the mystery of my life and I saw that it had meaning and beauty and continuity. It made me want to make more memories with my loved ones. It inspired me to create a slide show with music. I chose to put mine in chronological order.

The project isn’t done yet but I have scanned all of the photos and I’m hoping to give these out as Christmas gifts for my family and friends. It’s a great way to warm all of our hearts, watching it together, reliving the memories and retelling old stories and rediscovering who we are, where we come from and where we are headed. After all, photographs have a way of really capturing what is important. They are moments in time that will not be lost forever as long as we take the time to preserve them and to share them with the ones we love, not to mention future generations who we may never have the chance to meet face to face. For more in formation please click on this blue word. (323) 469-0707