Backing Up Your Media

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Every day I recommend to customers that they make a copy of their transfers.

Whether it’s a VHS to DVD or some other analog format to digital file or DVD, I always recommend it. The thing about a DVD is that it can get scratched or dirty or misplaced. Having a 2nd disc greatly increase the odds that you’ll never have to lose those precious home movies. If you took the time to have the transferred to DVD, why not have an extra copy made or perhaps you may need a whole set of copies for relatives who are on the video or who might like to relive something beautiful or just something amazing or hilarious that went down back in the day.

It’s not talked about a lot but there is also the fact that even modern DVDs will decay over time. The science isn’t in yet so I don’t have an exact answer for how long while your DVDs last? It could be 20 years. It could be more or perhaps it could be less. There are a lot of factors that go into this outcome including the way it was stored, the brand, even the device used to create it. That’s why at Advanced Media we use the best media available while keeping the costs reasonable and easy on your pocket book. We also use top of the line gear that is relatively new and in perfect working order. In this modern era, nobody wants to be without their media. Whether it’s DVDs or hard drives or files, do yourself a favor. Back up your media. Please contact us here. (323) 469-0707