Definition of a DVD

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Wikipedia defines a DVD as a “an optical disc storage format” invented in 1995.

Originally the acronym stood for “Digital Versatile Disc” and now it is most commonly interpreted as “Digital Video Disc” although it remains versatile for a few good reasons. None of this is very important to most consumers, it’s more about the functionality of the disc. It is a storage device and most people are familiar with the DVDs you get via Netflix. We will refer to this as a “Playable Disc.” That just means that it’s a disc that will play in a DVD player.

These types of DVDs contain a series of files that work together to play your movie and make it easy for you to navigate using menus as well as the buttons on your remote controls such as fast forward and rewind. The main limitation of this type of disc is that you can’t just pop it in your computer and begin editing it. The same holds true for the DVDRs (the R stands for recordable) that I make on a daily basis when I do transfers from VHS to DVD and various formats such as Hi8 to DVD.

The bottom line is that if you want to edit, you’ll need files. Of course you can create files from a DVD however, the fact is you will have more compressed files unless you go directly to file with your tape. A DVD can also be used as a storage device. You can set it up as a “Data Disc,” which can store all kinds of files such as word documents, audio files, video files as well as picture files. It truly is versatile. Another point I should address is that there are many different types of DVDs. The most common is the DVD-5. This is a single layer disc with a storage capacity of about 4.7 GB. So a playable DVD holds about 2 hours of footage. There are DVD-9 discs which are also known as “Dual Layer Discs” which can hold roughly 9GB of storage. For more information please contact us directly. Thanks for reading.