Demo Editing: Funeral

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Death his part of life and when a loved one passes, often a commemorative video is a nice way to remember them. As an editor, I have done my fair share of memorial videos for those who have passed on. And even though I am clinical and precise with my keystrokes, many is the video that has tugged at my heart strings. A couple of years back I made the first one for a man who had lost his mother. The idea was to scan a bunch of old photos from decades ago and to put together a montage of photos with beautiful music from the era laid down underneath. We also added titles at the end and the beginning and it was used at her funeral. I did not attend but I felt as if I knew her by the time we were done with the edit. These videos tend to show how meaningful the small moments that make up our lives can be. I also had a friend pass away and some of my friends contributed video footage and I made a memorial video for him, which included photos as well as some video, which I chose to send through a heart wrenching slow motion filter. That one still makes me cry. For another woman, her mother liked to make a production of life and so too in death. We ended up making a one-hour document of the even. We filmed all of the eulogies and parting words from her friends and family. So perhaps death is not the end. Perhaps our loved ones can live on in our hearts and our minds and on the screens that display the moments that are not lost forever.