Demo Reels – Length vs. Quality

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As the demo reel editor at Advanced Media LLC, I encounter a great number of actors and actresses concerned with putting the best possible version of themselves out there in order to get highly sought after parts in television and film. Last night I was working with a new client who had quite a bit of material from various tv shows and movies. In fact, there was too much footage and we wanted to get this thing in under 4 minutes if possible. I think the idea here is that in all likelihood, a casting director is going to spend as little time as possible with each reel in order to comb through the many possible candidates. So in order to keep the reel short enough, we came up with the solution of just cutting short scenes and including mostly dialogue and close up shots. This had the effect of showcasing a number of different looks and characters. It also show how the actor has been in a lot of quality shows. He’s versatile, opening him up for more possible roles in the long run. Also, I think we have to understand that the casting directors are most likely very good at what they do, otherwise they would be out of work. Ultimately, the decision is out of our hands and it is our job to simply shed a little light on your unique talents as a performer.