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The important thing to know about this kind of conversion is that there are two main types of DV tapes, HD and SD. That is High Definition and Standard Definition.

Why is this important you may be wondering? Because the format determines which deck is used in the conversion as well as how much it’s going to cost you. HD transfers to DVD cost $10 extra. The only way to know if you have HD is if you know some information about the camera used to produce the tape. HD cameras shoot HD footage. So while your tape my say it’s HD, if an SD camera was used, it would produce SD footage.

DV is considered a specialty format, so even though these tapes are generally 63 minutes max, the cost is $25/tape. We do offer discounts for volume. 10% off for 10 or more tapes. We can also make a 2nd batch of copies for $4/disc, so you can send them out to family and friends. On top of that we can also go to file as well if you want to edit your footage to get the maximum effect.

I know from experience that sitting around with my family watching old home movies is a lot of fun and it’s a way for us to bond. But the better the edit and the music are, the more we all enjoy watching them and the more likely that we’ll watch them more than once. For more information, please contact us. (323) 469-0707