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One of the specialty formats we transfers is DV, also known as Mini DV or HDV and even DVCam.

They all belong to the same family and they can all go to DVD or files on your hard drive. First of all, DV stands for digital video. The process is pretty simple going to DVD. I select the correct deck or player. That gets hooked up with the best connection possible for that deck. In the case of DV for example, I have a DVD recorder that has the option for Firewire, which I use because it will ensure a high quality transfer. In the case of the HDV, I use the SDI connection which is a very good connection when going to the computer to create files. This is a specialty format and if you aren’t sure if this is what you have, it’s a pretty small tape. We do charge $10 more for HDV tapes which are High Definition because it requires using a pretty valuable deck. The only way to know if you have HD or SD tape is if you know what it was shot on. That’s because you can shoot HD or SD footage on these tapes and it all depends on your camera. Also, if you’re not sure you can bring it in and we’ll have a look for you. Any further questions should be addressed here. Thanks for reading. (323) 469-0707