DVD Conversion

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I must have transferred a million tapes in the last 3 years. Maybe not quite that many, but there have been a lot.

I’ve converted all kinds of tape to DVd and CD. The fact is you can convert all your old analog formats to digital to preserve them for future generations. On a regular basis I transfer VHS to DVD, Hi8 to DVD, Super8 and 8mm film to DVD, Mini DV to DVD, Betamax, Beta SP and Digibeta to DVD and many other formats.

I thought at some point people would run out of tape to transfer and perhaps people will but as of yet, that hasn’t happened. Some people would like to try and make a project of it and others would just like me to handle it. Some are embarrassed of their footage, others are quite proud. Still others just want to organize everything and toss the old tapes. I actually recommend that my customers keep the tapes as a back up plan in case the DVDs are damaged. I notice a lot of people don’t treat their discs with the utmost respect.

I have customers all the time who are shocked when a DVD won’t copy. I flip the disc over to reveal the scratches and fingerprints. Some discs are covered in dirt. I even got one that appeared to have taken a bath in Coca Cola. I figure if you’re going to pay the money to have the conversions done, you may as well protect your investment and store your DVDs as if they were precious memories because in a way, they are. For more information please contact us here. (323) 469-0707