DVD Duplication Services

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We at Advanced Media offer a wide range of highly professional and personal DVD duplication services. Among our customers are private individuals, Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses, municipal and federal agencies and educational institutions. We have done work for the FBI, Time Warner,  Kaiser Permanente, Fox, Giorgio Armani, MTV, MGM, USC, Iron Mountain to name a few.


When you choose DVD Duplication Services, you want to make sure that you know what is your final goal – promotion, retail, gift or other.


Retail-bound DVD product typically goes through a process called replication, which is done at a replication factory. We at Advanced Media, work with several reputable replication companies and can provide easy access to the service.


Promotional type DVDs and even personal use DVDs, are typically duplicated, which is a much simpler process of digitally copying DVDs from a master DVD. In this blog, we would focus on the duplication side of DVDs.




It is important to choose high-quality and durable media. We at Advanced Media only use high quality products. There are many resources on the internet to shop and compare between DVD products. The key to remember is that most expensive sometimes really is just the most expensive. When you shop for media, you shop for value, which translates to the best quality for the best price.




There are various ways to duplicate, from software based to hardware based. They all vary in time, efficiency and price. If you have the time to sit by your computer and keep changing DVDs in order to burn 200 or more, then you are in luck. Most people don’t. When it comes to hardware-based solutions, quality does matter.  At Advanced Media we use high-end DVD duplication devices, whether robotics or manual. Our duplication equipment also performs self-check to every single DVD. In addition we spot our DVDs to ensure that they work and are 100% reliable.


DVD Surface Print


There are several methods to printing. The most common is inkjet, which is similar to most home-based printers. Inkjet can produce some pretty decent results if used with the right printers. While Inkjet is clearly a good printing solution, it is not the method professional companies use. We at Advanced Media provide both Inkjet printing and Thermal. Thermal print works in a similar fashion to dye-transfer, and without getting into technicalities in this article, the method relies on very accurate color transfer from ribbons onto the DVD surface under extreme heat.  This method ensures that there are not print artifacts and that the thousandth DVD looks just like the first. Some other benefits include scratch resistance, water resistance and fade resistance. A third method is called LightScribe, which is a “built in” method where the DVDs are being burned and printed inside the LightScribe drive. It can only produce black and white prints, the media tends to be more expensive and it requires some programming to change the labels.


DVD Protection


We get occasional inquires about DVD protection. The best way to ensure DVD protection is by replication. DVD duplication does not offer real DVD protection. There are some products out there that do provide some limited defense on duplication, yet it can be easily overcome. We generally advise that if you need copyright protection on your DVDs, you go the replication route.


We will continue to explore various DVD Duplication aspects in future posts. We hope it was a helpful reading.


Here at Advanced Media, a Los Angeles based media services company, we offer complete DVD Duplication and Replication Services. Please contact us at (323) 469 0707 or at our contact page here.


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