Editing: A touching Story

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If you’re the type who gets weepy over stories of triumph and glory over extreme adversity, it may be time to break out a box of tissues. I got a call about a year ago from a middle-aged woman who wanted to document her story. She needed my editing services. Her weight loss journey began a couple of years back when she was tipping the scales at about 250lbs. I was amazed when she walked through the door. She was wearing a nurse’s outfit complete with crocks and she looked about 5 feet tall. She was in pretty great shape! We sat down to discuss her video project and it’s unbelievable what she’s been through. She went from living an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle to running marathons in a very short period. It was fun to put the pieces of the edit together. Like pieces of the puzzle, the clips fell into place one by one. In a couple of hours we got every clip from her television appearances on shows like the Today Show as well as clips of her running marathons in the rain and we cut those in with the pictures of how she used to look before the stunning transformation. I cut it in such a way as to document the dramatic shift. In the old photos there’s always food in her hands. She’s not smiling very often but when she is her face has a sad quality to it. In the more recent pix and especially in the marathon sequences, she’s elated. The spark of life is truly visible. We also scanned her old news clippings and incorporated them in the piece, which we then uploaded to Youtube. She wanted to share her story so that other people out there with eating disorders who lacked the will or the confidence to change their diets and to begin exercising could see that it was possible. In this way, the story was not just hers alone. It’s now a story that belongs to the world and most importantly, the story is true and that’s one thing that can make my work more fulfilling, being of service to others and seeing a bigger picture. Do you have a story to tell? Don’t keep it to yourself. Give us a call.