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Ever since the early days of Advanced Media, we always offered editing services as part of our menu.

Just like a wedding photography service that offers a highlight video montage with music and the “best-of” moments, we want to offer the same service to you, only with your own personal memories and family legacy.

What can we do?

Good question! Here is a list of what we can offer:

“Best of” & Highlights

From editing your family history into a short edited show or using the best moments from each part of your history or making a music video – you call the shot and let us how you would like your film to be

Film-style Story

Want to tell your story in a more cinematic and narrative way? Let us help. Whether you want to tell your story in a comedic way, as a documentary or as a thriller, you will be surprised of what we can do and how exciting, funny and hilarious we can make yours and your family personal history turn out to be.

Music Video

Do you have a song you absolutely love? We can make your family history edited in a similar style and fashion to any music video you choose. Surprise your friends and family with a creation of your own.


No film works well without music. Whether you choose your tracks, or whether you want us to chose, we can add any type of music you would feel would best serve your story.


Now we are getting into another realm. A narration can literally do magic to your film. Whether you prefer to record yourself, or have us record a professional, and whether you would like us to provide a script, or prefer to write your own lines – you have now the ability to transform your film into a whole new experience.


Whether for humorous, stylistic or informative purposes, titles can add yet another layer of context and content to your story.


Get Started

  • For more information about the Editing service, please contact us here.