Eight Hundred Dollars Cash

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Recently I was transferring a collection of ancient VHS to DVD when I got quite a shock.

I was about half way through the order and I was on the line with a customer when I removed a tape from it’s box. A little white envelope popped out and landed on the floor. I thought nothing of it and I continued my conversation. I rewound the tape and brought it to the proper machine when I noticed peeking out a speck of green at the corner of the envelope. When I picked it up I noticed several large bills there. Counting it up, it turns out it was $800 in one hundred dollar bills, the old ones.

I finished up with the customer on the phone and I pocketed the cash, wondering how I would spend it when the realization hit me that I had to return the money. I was shocked and saddened by the thought of returning all that cash. Hadn’t I found it fair and square? Not so when I looked at the facts. The tape belonged to a customer. It had been in her possession all these years. The magnetic tape held the memories of a time long ago, of a life ever changing and I had no right to it whatsoever. So I called a friend for advice.

I said, “What would you do?” And in a matter of fact tone he said, “I’d call the customer and let her know that you found $400!” He began to laugh uproariously and then he put in, “In all seriousness, you’ve got to return the whole wad.” And so I did. I called the customer up and I told her that I had found something shocking in her belongings. She did not ask what it was but she said she would be right over when I told her it was a wad of cash.

She pulled up about an hour later and I handed over the cash and let her know that the job would be ready for pick up the following day. She counted the cash and she peeled off a crisp old hundred dollar bill and handed it to me. I was quite elated really. She thanked me again the following day when she picked up her job and I got a feeling like you wouldn’t believe from the experience. This story is not to brag or to boast but to tell of a real life event which occurred recently that I learned a life lesson from. When I pass a mirror, I can look myself in the eye and know that I truly am honest even when it comes to money! And as long as I can live an honest life and try my best, I’ve literally got nothing to worry about. I’ve been walking on sunshine for weeks since this $800 cash landed in my lap. It’s all about self image really. And I’ve never regretted the decision, not for a second.