Friends I Can’t Wait to Meet

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The Emailer

The Emailer

I was reading a blog recently written by a very successful businessman with an interesting perspective on relationships and business. It helped me to see things differently in my own life.

The blog chronicled his rise to the top starting from a college course he took at Cal Berkeley. He basically said that his life was about posting his work, in his case music, online and sharing it with others. From time to time he would come across other people’s work that he found inspiring and he would contact them. In this way he would develop long lasting relationships via email that sometimes led to real friendships and business contacts.

I’ve never been a schmoozer. I always felt that there was something so fake about it. Up until now I’ve been very particular about the company I kept. Now, my criteria is changing. This little piece of writing has really changed the way I see things. I worry too much about monetary stuff and the fact is, things have always worked out for me in that respect. I need to really start concentrating on the big picture stuff. I want to think about creating new videos online and contributing to the world. I’ve been a spectator too long. This blog is perhaps a little on the introspective side and not all that informative. But that’s just how I’m feeling today.

Recently I have seen some incredible work in the field of video. It’s at time daunting and at other times it makes me feel good to know that this is something that I can do. It’s not beyond my means. For more information please contact us here.