Giving It Away

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Get Started!

Get Started!

My philosophy regarding knowledge is that it should be given away freely and shared widely with whoever asks for it. But that’s the key. You must ask.

I bring this philosophy into my work. Ask me anything regarding media and or transfers and I’ll tell you the answer. Obviously you could Google your question too but I may be of some kind of help with your problem because odds are I or someone online has had the same problem you have. In fact I have never gone to the Internet with a simple question and not found some kind of answer. Of course it might take some digging but there’s just a wealth of information out there waiting to be examined.

So feel free to ask me, how do I do this or that or what program do I use to create DVDs or how do I rip a disc and or make files to upload to YouTube. I’m here to help. Of course part of the business is having the knowledge and being able to share it with our customers. We are not stingy. No, you will find that we’re all quite a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to help you solve your latest media crisis. For more information, please contact us here.