Hard Drives 104: Flash drives

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Many people now carry little “flash” aka thumb drives on their key chain.

I myself have a little Lacie drive that even looks like a key with a hole allowing it to fit on my key ring. These are perfect for storing documents, pictures or even little movie files.

The longer a movie is will have an effect on the file size and thus it will be the deciding factor of whether or not it will fit on your flash. Even these drives are getting smaller and smaller and holding more and more space. Also, they’re relatively inexpensive and quite handy for transporting files. I use mine if I’m transferring a file that’s too large for email to a computer that is not connected to my office network. Also, when clients come in with artwork for DVDs and CDs they generally bring a thumb drive with the PSD or JPG so I can situate the image on top of the disc when creating a Print Label Template.

The only limitation these drives have is that they won’t generally hold larger files. However, newer thumb drives are able to hold larger files because the hard drives are being made with 16, 32 and even 64GBs of space. So for this modern world, you’ll require a key to the computer world. That would be your flash. Wield it wisely my friends.