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Technology is moving at a rapid and nearly non stop pace. To keep up we go to various expos and Trade shows in Los Angeles and Las Vegas that showcase the latest in Technological advancements in Film, Video, Media, etc. Here we meet with the reps of the Top companies including: Sony, Microsoft, Adobe, Avid, Samsung, LG, RED, etc. We see how we can implicate these technological advances into our business so that we may better serve you in Media Transfer, Post-production services and Video Production Services.

Examples of the events we go to are:

NAB (North American Broadcasters) show in Las Vegas. This is where the latest and greatest in Media Technology (cameras, TVs, Broadcast equipment, etc.)

LA Film Fest: The Premier Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Cinegear and Showbiz Expo: Los Angeles Based show for professionals within the TV, film, movie and actors.

American Film Market – Top Show for the selling and distribution of thousands of Films currently available and in development.

E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) – Premier show and Press/media professional expo in Los Angeles that focuses on the Video Game industry.

Comic Con (San Diego) – Worlds Largest Pop Culture Expo, the latest and biggest show that deals with Latest Hollywood Blockbuster and the Geek Obsessed culture!

BlogWorld and New Media Trade Show- New Los Angeles based expo with a focus on Social Media and marketing you business using the latest in New Media Content.

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