Music Video Production

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It’s difficult being a musician these days. Record Labels are slowly being phased out and illegal downloads have made it extremely difficult to make being a musician a lucrative career. The once great MySpace is now primarily for bands to post new music, tour dates and blogs to get that all important word-of-mouth out. How can you expect to compete with technology? By using it to your advantage.

MTV may not have aired a music video since the Macarena but that doesn’t mean Music Videos are no longer useful in getting your band noticed. It just means budgets are no longer that huge! This is great news if you don’t have deep pockets but still want to make a creative and professional looking music video for your band. Which is why we provide Video Production Services.

They don’t all have to be as clever and difficult as OK GO’s Rube Goldberg video for ‘This Too Shall Pass’. Look at the Black Key’s video for ‘Lonely Boy’. It’s as simple a music video as can be: one set up, one take and it’s simply a man dancing to the song and it has 7 million views and counting.

You need to get your video out there, and we can help with that. We provide affordable video production services in the Los Angeles area and we have a lot of experience in working with feature films and with MTV’s Lingerie Football League. Create a mini documentary with your band or a web series to tell a story about your band.