On The Importance of Labeling

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I transfer a ton of tapes, every day and often I come across tapes that aren’t labeled.

They’ve been sitting in a garage for 20 years and nobody knows what’s on them. Sometimes people come to me with a whole box of ancient tape without a clue what’s on it and we go through each tape to find out if it’s worth transferring. I can help people with this for free if it’s just a couple of tapes but if you have a whole box, it’s going to cost you my hourly rate which is $60 with a half hour minimum.

Other, more courageous customers just hand over the goods and ask me to transfer it all, whatever is there, be it TV shows from the 80’s or home movies and vacation videos. There is another type of customer as well who comes in with a detailed list of his or her collection of video. The names of each tape is listed as well as running time and the number of coppies they want. It pays to be organized.

Perhaps it’s a bit of an overkill to actually write it all out but I find the thing that’s most important to label on your tape is the date. Put the date down and the people on the video. It will save you so much time and energy if you ever want to find it. So for all of you mini DV camcorder family documentarians, do yourself a favor. Label it. After all, these precious images may be all that we have as time passes and these events and people and places leave our lives. To contact us, please click this link.