Our New Location Kind Of Rules!

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We’re pretty well settled into our new location on Fairfax avenue.

We started the move in April and here it is the beginning of September and we’ve added a lot of new services to meet your video needs as well as shipping needs.

We’ve added FedEx ground and express shipping with pickups every weekday. Last drop off is 4pm. That means we can ship anywhere in the US and we handle international shipments. On top of that, we’re a USPS authorized ship center. That means if you need to send something fast and cheap, we’re here to help you and we’ll even box it up for you.

That being said, some things never change. We’re still doing all of the great deals on video services and transfers to DVD and or files. That means analog to digital transfers and if you don’t know about us, please read the Yelp reviews. There’s a lot of positive feedback that we’re getting and I personally am very proud of that.  I just noticed that we have 5 stars! Pretty sweet.

Here’s a quick link to the yelp so you can see what other customers and clients have had to say. Thanks for reading.