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Why Us?

Why Us?

I wanted to address a question that comes up quite often at Advanced Media. This is the questions of how we care for your tapes when they are not in your hands.

We know that your tapes are precious, one of a kind family heirlooms and we treat them as such. Every tape is given the utmost care. I treat them as I would treat my own media. So rest assured, your footage is in good hands. Clients can also request that we store their media in a temperature controlled vault if it’s extra sensitive. Normally everything is stored on our shelves in the order that the job came in so I can keep track of exactly what job is expected to be done at what time.

I do try to meet all deadlines. From time to time, I can be a little off if I am overwhelmed but generally I really do make most deadlines. So let me know if it’s really time sensitive. We’ll try to accommodate your special needs because we believe in service with a personal touch. We’re here to provide a service as well as to educate you about any of the processes that we go through so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t worry if you think you’re not tech savvy.

We will never laugh at you if you don’t understand something because we are patient and understanding. Just remember, we were all just like you at some point. Nobody is born with a knowledge of computers and technology. It has to be taught and each battle is hard fought. Some learn more easily than others but everybody deserves to be treated with respect and understanding. Thanks for reading and click here for contact info.