Print Label Templates

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What is a Print Label Template? It’s the graphic or text design that we can print directly onto your CD, DVD or Blu ray disc.

Many of my customers have asked if we print a label and then stick it in. This is actually not the process we use. We purchase high quality inkjet printable discs. That means that we print right onto the white surface like it was paper. This allows us to streamline the duplication process. Could you image how tedious it might be to try and stick these stickers onto each an every disc with precision so that it’s right there in the middle? Also, I have heard from many people that these types of discs which become heavier with the stick coating will not play or will get stuck in their player. That sounds less than ideal.

We can pretty much print anything onto this surface. That means any image or text that you like. If you want a really pro look, I recommend designing something in Photoshop. You can look online for a DVD template so you get the circular shape right. If you decide to go this route, do not create the center hole or hub because it’s just easier for me to do with precision without the hole because you may get the diameter wrong and have to redo it.

That beings said, you have the option for very high quality color prints or even thermal prints which are a bit shinier and more durable where water is concerned. Ink does have that Achilles heal. Also, the thermal prints are only available for 50 + copies because creating the template is a little more involved and time consuming. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have here. Thanks for reading.