Protecting Your Valuable Memories

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Back up your really important media frequently.


Generally, most of us have 2 types of media (files) that need to be protected:

  1. Extremely valuable and often used files (these could be your job contracts, music you made and your art projects) – these files need to be backed up frequently. We recommend that you keep a separate hard drive, where you back up your files every 2-3 weeks, and store it in a safe or a secure location. Could is ok too, but keep in mind that the cloud can be breached and your personal info compromised.
  2. Extremely valuable and rarely used files (these are files that are very important, and are not used often, such as your wedding videos, family history and irreplaceable files) – while we recommend that these files be treated with the same level of care, for many of us it is simply cost prohibitive and impractical. The most practical solution is to store your drives in a safe and secure place.


What is important for us to get across is that we have shifted as a society from a tangible (physical) storage media (tapes, discs, paper) to a virtual one (files and the cloud). In the age of virtual media it is very important to remember the two main potential risks:


1. Your files can be deleted and your drive can permanently crash. It is far more common than most of us would imagine.

2. Your information can be compromised on the cloud, as well as deleted, stolen or distributed. Just think “WikiLeaks”.


Please contact us at Advanced Media when you are ready to address your media protection needs, or call us at (323) 469 0707

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