Sharing your Video

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The Web SurferIn today’s ever changing, technological landscape there are a lot of options as far as sharing your videos with family, friends and business associates. You may also want to share them with strangers or you may want to be able to limit who is able to watch your content. Here are a few options. One way to go about doing this is to create an account with Vimeo or Youtube. These hosting sites allow you to control your important videos. They also allow you to share them with anyone or no one, depending on your particular needs. Many people come to me with this questions, “Why can’t I upload my DVD to youtube?” First of all, you’ll need a file. A file is a single, self-contained unit utilized by a computer system. Think about a video like a song on your iTunes. There’s just the one song and it’s a file. It’s only purpose is to play that song. A DVD is a mass of files all working together to display your image. In order to create a file from it, you will need some software and a little understanding of file encoding. A lot of people who aren’t particularly tech savvy are just better off brining it to a professional. These hosting sites have file size limits that are much larger than your email limits. You can email a file up to 25MB, that’s 25 megabytes. This often means that your file will be degraded as far as the image goes. It won’t be the best possible quality but in most cases this will be just fine if the video is under 5 minutes. Once you create the file, you can upload it to the hosting site and then you have a series of options. You can make it public or you can keep it private so that only people with the link can watch it. You can cut and paste this link in order to share the video via email. In Vimeo, you can give people the option to watch and download the link. This helps if you want them to be able to store the video and it’s a good way to transfer files under 1GB. If your video is on the longer side, say 15 minutes or more, you also have the option of a good old-fashioned hard copy of the disc. You can put it on a flash drive or you can send it as a playable DVD, which will play in any DVD player or computer with a DVD player. So to recap there are 4 basic ways to share your video, mail out a DVD, email (for shorter files), upload to a hosting site, or use a site like or dropbox to send files. This last option is generally used by media professionals. Just be warned that there can be longer waits for uploading and downloading files on these sites depending upon your internet speed.