Sustainable Media

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Generally, people come to me for help when they want to save their media and or share it with family, friends and colleagues.

We also work with film and video professionals as well as the “prosumer.” These nice people all have one thing in common, they’re trying to rescue their media from the inevitable fate of all things, which is to change and ultimately deteriorate or take a new, unrecognizable form. The next question is, “What’s the best way to preserve my videos and other media?”

I can tell you that the world is most definitely moving towards cloud based storage solutions. However, we’re not all there yet. So what can we do to prepare for the future? The first order of business would be to create a new digital version using your analog media. This can be done with either DVDs or files. You’ll need to understand a few basic concepts about files. A file is a self contained unit of data readable by a computer. It could be a JPG for example if you have a photograph. Of course there is an endless variety of file formats. For video, the most common are .MOV (for Mac users) and (.AVI) for PC users. You may also want to create files for the net, which are smaller for fast streaming media on sites like YouTube or Vimeo. Or you may have your own personal site. In this case you would most likely want an .MP4 file.

So once you’ve created the files or DVD you now have to store them properly in order to keep them. Even these formats can wear out or be lost, scratched or damaged. Hard drives can die and the media on them can be lost forever. So for today’s consumer, I would recommend backing everything up. For DVDs, make a 2nd copy and store it in a separate location. It’s much less likely that you will lose it that way. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.