Technology That Empowers

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I remember a time when the extent of my power in regards to media was simply as a recipient.

I only had the power of choice about what to watch on television, really. The world was dominated by networks run by strange men and women running around in grey suits in unimaginably tall buildings that wouldn’t let guys like me inside. Luckily all that has changed.

Well of course there are still networks but now the little guy has a voice. We have sites like Youtube and Vimeo to share our videos with the world. So now that there’s a free forum to share on that effects the demand for content. Now anybody can make a viral video that everyone on the planet sees, as long as it’s interesting enough. That’s the key.

Also, pro grade cameras are still not cheap but they’re more inexpensive and smaller than ever. Editing software is also abundant. Internet access is a must in today’s world. So what are you waiting for? An idea?

Me too. Now, all I need is a big idea and I can share it with the world.