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“… first of all I just wanted to say that overall I think the edited stuff is excellent. Well done to you and your team! “


David Schwimmer,






“I just met with the press officer for the Los Angeles Police Department and told her about the job you guys did for us.

Thanks again for your help. “

L. A.,

FBI Press Office



“Thanks again, SO MUCH for all your help!! Your attitude was great and you absolutely got the job done for us within our short time frame.

All the best,”

Michelle & Barbara
Greenie Films



“Thank you once for your help with Swishbucklers! You did a fabulous job.

Kind regards,”

Leslie Carleton




“…you guys are fantastic. Anything I can do to help.

Hope all is well”
Marcus Giamatti


If you like me have found old footage you want to save for the digital family tree, ADVANCED MEDIA are your guys. Video 8, 8 Mil, any kind of video, film, et al…. they make magic.

I recently found 3 video 8 tapes I had packed away from a trip to Prague in 88, 89 and 91. I tried playing it back and remembered it was doing some horizontal death roll from my inexperience in using a camera. I thought all the footage was useless until I took it too ADVANCED MEDIA. I just looked at the 3 discs this weekend and I am so happy I now have this on disc so that it will never dissolve or disintegrate and I will always be able to look back at a great adventure of my youth and share with others.

Some of the kids at work started to think about it, grandparents, favorite uncles, old friends, family home movies so they are pulling their tapes together. ADVANCED MEDIA make magic, make it affordable and get the job done quickly. I totally recommend them… to everyone!!!

Juliea Clarke
CBS Television


I’ve had great experiences with Advanced Media.  Super friendly and prices are very reasonable.  There’s also a quick turn-around time for duplicating demo reels.  I would definitely recommend them to any actors who need DVDs.

Karen Z.

Burbank, CA




Advanced Media (formerly Advanced Video) is the best!
For Actor Reels, Wedding & Event Production Services, VHS – DVD – NTSC/PAL Conversions, Film to Digital Transfer – 35mm, Super16, 8mm HD Down conversions,
Edit Suites Rentals All Formats – you name it, they have it – BetaSP,  Hi8, U-Matic (3/4), LaserDisc, DAT, DA88 and much more

I have been using Advanced for OVER 6 years. I trust them completely. AND VERY REASONABLE $$.

723 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038 (at  Melrose)    (323) 469-0707


Ann S.

North Las Vegas, NV




After 18 years of outstanding and stellar service, no other company in the professional Hollywood media industry comes close. No other media service is allowed to ever edit and duplicate my acting reels other than Advanced Media.

Ty Granderson Jones


Beverly Hills, CA




I’ve been a customer of Advanced Media for about 2 years. Jesse’s helped immensely with my demo reels and created a lot of files for my website. They even handle my duplication. I would recommend it to any actor looking for technical help.


Dusty S.

Los Angeles, CA




Great experience (twice) with VHS to DVD transfers.  Staff is friendly, professional, and quick.  Treated each job as if it were the most important.
Highly recommend them.


Caneel F.

San Francisco, CA




Exceptional Customer Service! Jessie was great and extremely helpful. I will definitely be using their services again.


Jasmine L.

Los Angeles, CA




This is a great place for file transfers, and digitizing video. I brought in all my family’s videos and they transferred them to DVD for me. I had copies made for my family members and now I can work with the images in the computer and edit, add music etc.

They are affordable, have quick turn around and are very friendly and professional. Although, I am not in the film industry, they seem to have decks to transfer any film or video format and services such as editing actor’s reels. A very useful business to have in the neighborhood.


Julie M.

Los Angeles, CA


I found them online and i have to say the service was great, fast and i have to point out the extremely friendly customer service.
those guys went out of their way to make sure i happy.
I would use them again in a heart bit  and would also recommend them to anyone who need any type of production services.
Thanks again ! Bob.

Bob T.

Los Angeles, CA