The Importance of Preserving your Memories

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VHS to DVD Transfer Family

Party of my job at Advanced Media LLC is to help people to preserve their family heritage. The includes film transfers, VHS to DVD, audio cassette to CD and various tape formats to file such as Mini DV, HDV and even Betamax. From time to time the question does come up, “Why is it so important to preserve these old tapes?” For one, they are deteriorating. Most tapes have a shelf life of about 20 years if stored properly out of the elements. Film is more mysterious. It can last a very long time not but it to will succumb to the forces that degrade and distort it’s wonderful images. Also, DVD is not the only format to save these films to. If you go to an external hard drive, it’s even easier to make copies of a file and to back that up on your computer or another hard drive. It’s also very easy to share with family members who may be peppered throughout the country, the state or even the world. I often help people upload their prescious memories to websites such as vimeo and youtube in order to share them with those who were on the tape or with those who remember relatives who are no longer with us. It’s just a nice way to hand down the history of your family from one generation to the next. That way, when one person passes, the memories and the documents do not pass away with them. They are preserved for generations to come. The best way to do this, in my opinion is to create high quality files and to save them to a hard drive. Of course hard drives can also have their share of problems but if you have these priceless artifacts backed up in more than one place at all times, the odds of them ever getting lost is very limited. So please consider bringing in that old box of family history and get the family together to watch and to partake in the things that once were.