Updating your Demo Reel

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The Web Surfer

I edit demo reels on a daily basis for actors and actresses in the Hollywood area and I’ve been doing it for a few years now. A common question that performers want to know, is how often should I be updating my demo reel? There are several answers but the best one is probably a simple, every six months. Why is that? It seems quite often, right? The fact is, that in this fast paced environment, the glamour and the glitz, one thing truly holds sway and that commodity is called “current.” Casting directors want fresh talent. Directors want the next big thing and there is constant turn over in the business of entertainment and it’s up to the entertainers to keep their video resume current. This could also mean updating your reel every time you have new footage. By all means, there’s no need to update a reel if you don’t have anything new, unless a manager or Producer or somebody requests a re-cut of your material based on the part you’re auditioning for. In fact, this happens quite often. I also do a lot of reels designed for a specific roll or for audition tapes that need to be sent across the country. In the modern age, air travel is expensive and we help people every day get their faces on a screen in front of powerful people who have the ability to bring an actor out of obscurity and into the public eye.