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You might be in the market for a VHS to DVD converter in which case you may like a little advice because all converters are not created equal, not at all.

They all have their quirks and little things you notice after using them for a while. For instance, my Samsung DVD recorder is amazing. Instead of the normal 1hr, 2hr, 4hr, 6hr, 8hr settings, it has 73min, 123 min. etc. This is helpful because as you may be aware, your tape has the possibility of being just over 2 hours. So you’ll have a DVD with 2hrs and a 2nd with 3 minutes. In this case, I try to use the Samsung model, but it’s not an all in one machine.

I have the Panasonic DMREZ-483. This model has it’s drawbacks as well but it plays the tape and does the conversion all in one machine and that’s why I have 6 of them. Out of the 6, one now refuses to play tape and another one is completely unreliable so I stopped using it at all. For the first one, it still record DVDs just fine so I continue to put it to good use at my transfer station. One of the main drawbacks of this machine is that it doesn’t give you a reading of how much time has thus far elapsed. It simply says “COPY” which isn’t a lot of help since I’m already aware of that. Also, it is limited to the 1hr, 2hr etc. record mode.

I have some other machines with their idiosyncrasies but I don’t think it’s all that interesting subject for you, dear reader, so I’ll just wind up by saying that if you’re in the market, you may want to still consider having a professional do the job for you, even if you have hundreds of times, you may just want to have the job done right the first time by a professional. We do very high quality transfers with excellent equipment and we’ve been doing it for many years at a very competitive rate. For more information please click on this blue word. (323) 469-0707