VHS to DVD Conversion

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I got a call at my office yesterday from a customer wanting to know how much it costs to transfer a VHS to DVD. When I told her that any tape under 2 hrs running time is $16, she was taken aback. It seems that she’s been quoted over $85/tape from more than one company in Hollywood and she couldn’t believe our prices could be so low. I guess it pays to shop around. It got me to thinking, why would somebody charge that amount? There’s always more than one way to do anything and VHS transfers are no exception. In the case of these simple and affordable transfers, the process involves only one machine. The deck plays the VHS and records at the same time. It creates chapters every 5 minutes so you can skip through to the section you want to watch. Also, it automatically creates a menu, which will pop up after the disc has played through. The other way of doing this would be to digitize the tape and create a file using a computer, some software and some kind of hardware or capture card because analog to digital transfers often involve expensive equipment if you want the best quality. After we have the digital file we put it through a process known as authoring. Authoring is the act of creating a DVD or Bluray disc from a file. In this process we can create a menu or a series of menus or we can choose to forgo the menu option all together. Also, we can put chapters in specific spots or not at all. This is going to be a higher quality result but some would ask, if it’s already on VHS, isn’t it already a low quality format? The answer is yes. It’s overkill in most cases. Most people will not even notice the difference. So if you just want to watch the footage on your DVD player or computer at home, this is the one you want. If you need just the file and you want to edit that, we can do that as well for $35/hr of footage. If you want the authored DVD, it’s an extra $50.