Video Home System

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VHS to DVD Transfer

VHS stands for Video Home System. That’s because it was invented for consumers such as yourself.

It was originally invented by JVC in the 70’s and would go on to defeat Betamax in a toe to toe bloodbath. By the year 2000 DVD replaced VHS as the preferred method of distribution. By 2006 VHS was pretty much phased out all together. Now you can get some pretty classic films for $2 at any Good Will. I have a friend named Michael who has an entire wall in his house dedicated to housing old tapes with ancient titles like “Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead” and other such classics.

To some analog freaks, VHS will never die, but to most people, they’d rather have a DVD because their old VHS player finally went kaput. I had a customer call recently letting me know that she sold hers. I wonder how much she got for it. Personally, I still have a machine at home. I almost never use it. But I don’t want to chance not having one in case I find some old tape buried in the garage from 1984.

That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Finding a hidden treasure that could tell you about your past? Sadly, I think I’ve already gone through all my old footage. And now I’m documenting my family history with a video camera shooting on Mini DV because I know some day 2012 will seem like ancient history. Until then, contact us with any questions you may have about VHS transers.