Video Libraries

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I get some very large jobs from time to time.

These tend to be video libraries and can include every thing from VHS to DVD transfers to digitizing high-end tapes like Digibeta as well as old school formats like Beta SP, ¾” and Hi8. I have also handled my share of reel-to-reel audio transfers and even 1” reel-to-reel video, which is pretty rare in this digital age. To put it simply there are a ton of varying formats out there and most of them, I can handle.

Over the last 3 years I have worked on jobs for the Orange Public Library, the FBI, UC Riverside and USC. All of these have been monumental, ongoing tasks that I have approached from a one step at a time standpoint. I generally request an inventory list, making organization easier. When the boxes arrive, they are stored in a temperature-controlled vault with other masters. Then the fun begins. The transfer process is not always a simple one, especially when digitizing is involved. There are a lot of variables that make various set ups necessary. Some can be complicated and they can involve frustration and troubleshooting.

Every step from transfer to duplication to labeling to organization is handled with the utmost care because if there’s a mistake anywhere along the line it can trickle down into the final product. The only way I can handle these large jobs is by breaking them up into a kind of conveyor belt in which every element is headed in the direction of completion. So that one day, these dinosaurs of industry can be finally allowed to rest in peace. But the data continues to live on in our hearts, in our minds and on our hard drives. Please contact us here for more information. (323) 469-0707