Video Sharing

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The Emailer

As a video editor with Advanced Media LLC for the past 3 years I have had many clients wanting to share their videos with friends, family and business associates. In this modern world, there are many ways to do this now. I feel that the best solution in most cases is to upload your content to a website. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, sites like Vimeo and Youtube will host your video and you can set them to private if you wish to control who views them. The reason that this is probably the best way to share is due to file size limitations set on emails. Most email services such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail have a strict 25MB limit on attachments. That means your video will have to be resized and reformatted in order to fit. This has the effect of diminishing the quality of your video. With Vimeo and Youtube, the limits are set at a much more reasonable amount of data. Also, you can still email the video by simply cutting and pasting the link into the body of your email. It’s very easy and free for the most part to sign up for either of these sites. The other option would be a website like or dropbox. These sites do generally cost money and the upload and download times can be lengthy depending on the size of the file. In many professional cases, these do tend to be the best solution so I wouldn’t rule them out but for most of my clients, uploading to a website is the answer to sharing your video with others.