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The VHS Family

The VHS Family

Some might ask, how does one go about capturing video?

The first thing you need to know is what kind of tape it is. There are many and we transfer most of them. You have your tiny tapes known as Mini DV. You can also have the HD version known as HDV. A slightly larger tape about the size of an audio cassette tape but thicker is the Hi8. There’s another version of that known as Video8 and also Digital 8. My decks play it all. If you have something beefier than that but about the same size, you probably have a VHSC tape. These fit into an adaptor and they cost the same as a VHS to go to digital file or DVD. Or you might have film reels which are round but that’s another matter and thus another blog. So how do we capture video? Well, we set up our deck to the corresponding tape. It’s hooked up to a Multibridge Pro by Blackmagic. This converts the analog signal to digital. That goes out with an SDI output to the Mac computer. We use Final Cut Pro to Log and Capture your footage. That means we give it a name and we store it on our computer and then we store it on an external drive for you. The next step is to manipulate the data. You get to sit down and cut your video together and take out all the crud that has no meaning for anyone. That’s the main thing about editing, you have to sort out all the stuff you never need to watch again or to share again. And often you will find very interesting accidents that can occur along the way, if you’re lucky. Are you feeling lucky? Feel free to contact us HERE! (323) 469-0707