What’s The Pixel?

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A pixel is kind of like an atom. It’s the smallest element in a display device. Each pixel on your screen is located on a coordinate.

The word pixel is actually a combination of “pix” and “elements” and a pixel can be either like a dot or rectangular in shape. How does this pertain to video exactly? Let’s look at specifics. For example, Full HD is considered to be 1920×1080. Those numbers refer to pixels. So there’s 1920 lines with 1080 pixels moving horizontally. So that’s when it pertains to your screen, tv set or monitor.

However, I’m sure most of us are familiar with the term megapixel, which tends to refer to cameras. For example, the new Canon 6D has 20.2 megapixels! That’s going to eat up a lot of hard drive space. A megapixel is simply 1 million pixels. That’s the number of image sensor elements this particular DSLR is equipped with.

I know this can all be a little confusing if you’re not familiar with the terms and in my research for this blog I have actually learned some things I didn’t know of which was curious about. Oh internet. When everyone I love is dead and gone, you’ll still be there to comfort the masses, unless the corporate bullies have their way and sensor everything.

Perhaps we’re living in a golden age that will be looked back upon in future generations as a time when information was shared freely. Or perhaps freedom will prosper across the land as a result of the information that has already been shared today. Sorry to get political folks. It’s just my way of saying, I care. For more information please click here.