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Videography Service

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Did you know that Advanced Media now has a production wing that provides videography service?

Videography is the art of capturing video. This could be an event such as a play or graduation, or any kind of live, one of a kind performance that you want captured to video.

We use high end video equipment and we can also help you from start to finish with your project. We can help with the planning, shooting and editing side of things. We have the mics, the cameras and the computers to make it all happen delivering a final product in your choice of Blu ray, DVD and or file. We can even help you upload the file to your website.

For more information don’t hesitate to call or inquire with one of our producers. No job is too small. Click here for more info.

Video Made Simple

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A common emotion I encounter at my job is anxiety. People are worried that this tape will be too deteriorated to transfer or this film is too old or is this even possible.

My only recommendation is, have a little faith in us. We’re the professionals that deal with this video every day. If it can be fixed we can do it. If not, there’s no use worrying about it anyways.

I do try to stress these facts to people because I too can fall into this negative mindset but I always come back to the realization that worrying about it won’t help and neither will complaining. It either will or it won’t work out. So maybe I’ll save my reaction until after the outcome. 9 times out of 10 I would say that the video will most likely be fine. The transfer will work out. Technology has advanced greatly since the advent of VHS. There’s a lot we can do to preserve your quality. That being said, we’re not miracle workers. There are things beyond our control.

But I want to stress that the video is our problem. Hand it over to us and forget all about it until we call you to let you know that everything has been transferred. That’s the service we provide. All you have to know is what you want to do with the media. You may want to make a DVD and play it at home or you may need files to edit or files to upload to the web. Or you may want us to edit. With any option, we’re here to help and to make your life a little easier and less frustrating. For more information, please contact us here.

9 Sites I Like and Why

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There are a variety of web sites that I love to click on a daily basis. These sites keep me coming back because they provide a basic human need. Please read on, but don’t judge me. I’m only human. bold claim that “Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s news” is pretty appealing. I’m pretty sure this is kind of a best of the best in strange news around the world. I don’t read the newspaper. Too depressing. I like the writing and the edge and the story choices. They cover all the hilarious scandals, the art world and some political subjects as well.

I don’t really read the Onion that much but I would say that every time I do I laugh extremely hard at their stories about “Area Man…” I just love satire.

Yes, I’m on Facebook to connect with friends and to laugh at random posts and also find out about new music and informative articles that people post.

I’m an unabashed fan of Vice Magazine. Sorry, I just think the Do’s and Don’ts though sometimes very hit or miss are just good comic relief. They take the edge off of reality and let me know that I’m not actually the most judgmental person on the planet.

Youtube for music videos mostly but I’ll check out some Fail videos if I’m really having a bad day. Let’s me know someone’s day is worse. I hope I’m not being too honest here. Also, I can find informative tutorials that help me learn new programs or figure out new ways of using the ones I’m already familiar with.

Grooveshark I use to listen to music. I like Pandora as well but I haven’t switched over to Spotify just yet.

I also check our websites like which details our demo reel editing and production services. And I can’t forget about which I check just to make sure the transfer site is up and working correctly each day.

Comedy Writer

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Many people don’t realize how hilarious I am and that’s becoming a bit of a problem.

I really just want to be a comedy writer and sit in a conference room with a bunch of hilarious geniuses and laugh all day long.  I’d be cashing some fat checks too. Don’t forget about that. I’d be stuffing my mattress with thousand dollar bills.

Every time I joke around with a friend or someone in the office I feel like somebody aught to be jotting this down. They’re just coming to me, these jokes, one after another and each more hilarious than the last.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a little understated, too deadpan. My sense of humor is too dry. People don’t get it right away but a few days down the line they’re laughing their fool heads off thinking about some remark I casually let fly. My delivery is to die for. My timing, superb. My connections nil.

I want to be a comedy writer and live in a mansion and eat at Muso & Franks every night and rub tweed elbows with the big shots in Hollywood. I want to call a few shots and break a few hearts and drive a big Caddy around town and not sweat the price of gas. Hey, God, you up there? Isn’t there anything we can do?

Confessions of a Mad Blogger

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What have I got to be mad about? Not mad in the sense that I’m angry, mad in the old British sense as in “off my nut” or some such colloquialism.

I was reading one of Kerouac’s later books last night in bed. It was getting late and my mind was fading into dreamland when I came across the ending of a chapter about his early days as a novice writer. To paraphrase, he exclaims, “What’s the sense in writing if you don’t write about the things you want to write about?” And I get that. I really do.

Another one of my favorite writers is Charles Bukowski, a man with a very interesting face who claimed that hard work and an 8 hour days were the toiling of foolish human beings. He also called Kerouac a bad writer and he despised all of my other heroes. But then again, he was poisoned with drink. His mind was most likely in a fog, but oh, what a beautiful fog and it would roll out and onto the paper and some genius found these ramblings and he published them. And one day Bukowski was able to quit his job at the post office. What a beautiful story.

He always talked about the God’s and how they were testing him and how his heroes like John Fante were not spared by the Gods for his death was very painful and drawn out. Who knows, maybe the Gods are reading this right now, wondering what to do with it? Who will read it? Who will like it? Who will think it’s just a bunch of toiling by a foolish human being?

Film to Disc

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Film to Disc or file is now very simple and painless due to the ever advancing technology of film and video transfers known as telecine.

What is telecine? Wikipedia defines telecine as the process of transferring motion picture film into video.” Part of this process is determining the film speed. Most 8mm film that comes through is shot at 18 frames per second. Since video is approximately 30 frames per second, this process involves some quick calculations all done by the computer. Of course we do from time to time get other speeds and we do adjust for them.

It is also possible to adjust color and exposure to maximize and preserve the pristine beauty inherent in film. I’ve seen millions of hours of VHS and other tape and nothing compares to those old home movies for beauty and brilliance. The films was very short so the camera men and women of yester year tended to only capture the very best moments, unlike a lot of amateur photographers who just let the tape roll and roll today.

We also offer HD file transfers for the same rate of $3/per minute of footage. For more info or to bring your footage in, please see the address and contact info here.

Film to Video

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Many places do film transfers now but if high quality is important to you, Advanced Media is a very good option.

We are now offering files in full HD which means 1080i. A lot of people are very curious as to how these transfers are done. The telecine process involves transferring your footage to HD files or DVD, whatever your choice. We also offer Bluray discs for the modern consumer.

Part of the process is figuring out your frame speed, that is, how many frames per second pass through the projector. This is key because the process also involves taking your film which may be 16 o 18 frames per second and converting it to video which is approximately 30 frames per second. Our machine does utilize an HD camera, a projector and a computer.

It is a 3 step process. The film is cleaned and prepped and each reel runs one at a time. The transfer is done next and then the processing. It is an involved process with a qualified technician who is present throughout, overseeing every aspect from start to finish. If you have any more questions about the process, please feel free to contact us here. (323) 469-0707

Groupon Deals

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You may be aware that we are now working with Groupon to bring you incredible discounts and savings on our most popular services.

We’re announcing our 3rd deal on the 19th and the jist of it is that you get 50% off of your media transfers. We transfer from tape to digital formats such as DVD or file. We’re also now including HD file transfers from Super8 and 8mm film. This is a very high quality file that you can edit or simply archive for future generations.

We believe that your footage should be preserved for future generations because family history is very important. These memories captured on film and video can give a future generation insight into where they come from which will help them figure out where they are going. So check us out on Groupon. For more information please contact us here.

Giving It Away

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Get Started!

Get Started!

My philosophy regarding knowledge is that it should be given away freely and shared widely with whoever asks for it. But that’s the key. You must ask.

I bring this philosophy into my work. Ask me anything regarding media and or transfers and I’ll tell you the answer. Obviously you could Google your question too but I may be of some kind of help with your problem because odds are I or someone online has had the same problem you have. In fact I have never gone to the Internet with a simple question and not found some kind of answer. Of course it might take some digging but there’s just a wealth of information out there waiting to be examined.

So feel free to ask me, how do I do this or that or what program do I use to create DVDs or how do I rip a disc and or make files to upload to YouTube. I’m here to help. Of course part of the business is having the knowledge and being able to share it with our customers. We are not stingy. No, you will find that we’re all quite a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to help you solve your latest media crisis. For more information, please contact us here.

Friends I Can’t Wait to Meet

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The Emailer

The Emailer

I was reading a blog recently written by a very successful businessman with an interesting perspective on relationships and business. It helped me to see things differently in my own life.

The blog chronicled his rise to the top starting from a college course he took at Cal Berkeley. He basically said that his life was about posting his work, in his case music, online and sharing it with others. From time to time he would come across other people’s work that he found inspiring and he would contact them. In this way he would develop long lasting relationships via email that sometimes led to real friendships and business contacts.

I’ve never been a schmoozer. I always felt that there was something so fake about it. Up until now I’ve been very particular about the company I kept. Now, my criteria is changing. This little piece of writing has really changed the way I see things. I worry too much about monetary stuff and the fact is, things have always worked out for me in that respect. I need to really start concentrating on the big picture stuff. I want to think about creating new videos online and contributing to the world. I’ve been a spectator too long. This blog is perhaps a little on the introspective side and not all that informative. But that’s just how I’m feeling today.

Recently I have seen some incredible work in the field of video. It’s at time daunting and at other times it makes me feel good to know that this is something that I can do. It’s not beyond my means. For more information please contact us here.

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