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Acting Job

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I was listening to the radio last week. It was Kevin and Bean on KROQ as I was on my way to work.

Their Entertainment Correspondent, Ralph was giving off a list of TV actors along with how much they earn in a year or an episode. The numbers were amazing and I thought, “That’s why this town is full of actors.” But it’s not always just about the money. I have a good friend who happens to be a playwrite and an actor. The man loves and audience. It’s in his blood. But he complains that all of the Hollywood actors stink and that they hire the worst people possible on purpose. He says it’s the only way to reach the demographic. He’s a pretty smart guy but I might disagree with him. They could most likely find worse actors out there.

Maybe what he means is that he wants to see actors out there who really respect the craft, who are doing it for all the right reasons, not just for the money or the fame, but for the art. He also complains that Theatre has become to stagnant, too complacent and maybe he’s right. I was looking at a chart about how music has also become more homogenized and another chart showing how the major corporations have consolidated the Media industry down to a very select few. The same news stories heard all over the country with the same headlines, pretending to be different suppliers of news, all under one giant brain. Where am I going with this? I’m not sure. Food for thought, that is all. Anyways, I’ve gotta go, I’ve got blogs to write! Please feel free to contact us here. (323) 424-9309

Los Angeles Trade Shows – New Media Content

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Technology is moving at a rapid and nearly non stop pace. To keep up we go to various expos and Trade shows in Los Angeles and Las Vegas that showcase the latest in Technological advancements in Film, Video, Media, etc. Here we meet with the reps of the Top companies including: Sony, Microsoft, Adobe, Avid, Samsung, LG, RED, etc. We see how we can implicate these technological advances into our business so that we may better serve you in Media Transfer, Post-production services and Video Production Services.

Examples of the events we go to are:

NAB (North American Broadcasters) show in Las Vegas. This is where the latest and greatest in Media Technology (cameras, TVs, Broadcast equipment, etc.)

LA Film Fest: The Premier Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Cinegear and Showbiz Expo: Los Angeles Based show for professionals within the TV, film, movie and actors.

American Film Market – Top Show for the selling and distribution of thousands of Films currently available and in development.

E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) – Premier show and Press/media professional expo in Los Angeles that focuses on the Video Game industry.

Comic Con (San Diego) – Worlds Largest Pop Culture Expo, the latest and biggest show that deals with Latest Hollywood Blockbuster and the Geek Obsessed culture!

BlogWorld and New Media Trade Show- New Los Angeles based expo with a focus on Social Media and marketing you business using the latest in New Media Content.

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We at Advanced Media have been working with and serving the educational market for years.

We have worked with the UC universities system in preserving and transferring libraries, as well as USC, AFI and the University of Arkansas.

Many educational institutions hold substantial libraries of immense historical and even commercial value that simply cannot be reproduced or substituted.

These libraries are untapped source of educational content that could be used and benefited from.

We have invested over the years in equipment dedicated to the preservation of educational libraries, regardless of the format. We can create DVDs and any type files from VHS, Beta, ¾” U-Matic, DV, DVD, Audio Cassette, reel-to-reel and virtually any media and tape source.

Since educational projects require specific bids, please contact us here or call us at 1-855-551-5857





Advanced Media has been catering and serving various corporations and business entities, including Kaiser Permanente, Iron Mountain, Giorgio Armani, Herbalife and many other law firms, union trades and various for-profit and non for-profit organizations.

Corporations generally have various media needs, which may include library conversions, preservation of valuable content and distribution of marketing and communication media.

With vast resources and ability to handle any type of media and convert and mass produce to any type of media, we are set to handle all your corporate media needs.

When you choose to work with Advanced Media, you choose a commitment to high level of professionalism, top of the line equipment, extensive experience and most importantly – a high level of commitment to customer service.

Since most corporate type media jobs require custom bidding, please contact us here or call us at 1-855-551-5857


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As an approved government contractor, we can service most government and municipal agencies.

We have performed many library conversion jobs for bodies such as the FBI and various cities in various states, including California.

We constantly upgrade and invest in new equipment and adhere to very high standards.

A division of Advanced Media, HD Creative Services, specializes in servicing the various media and post-production needs of motion pictures studios and production companies, and both our divisions constantly benefit each other.

When you choose to work with us, you choose top-level expertise, large resource pool, deep level knowledge and experience and great customer service. With vast experience and penetration in the motion picture industry, we rise above in order to service your needs.

To get a quote for your project, please contact us here or call us at 1-855-551-5857

Film & Broadcast

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With extensive exposure in the motion picture and broadcast industry through our film & TV post-production division, HD Creative Services, the film & broadcast market has been our bread and butter.

If you are in the film & broadcast market and need generic media services, like making DVDs from professional tape sources such as Digibeta, HDCAM, HDCAM-SR, D5 etc. please contact us here or call us at 1-855-551-5857

If you need post-production related work, such as digitizing or layback to tape, making DCP, closed-captioning, QC, generating Blu-ray for screenings and any other film & TV related tasks, please visit the HD Creative Services site here or call us at (323) 461 3715