The Beta Family

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The Beta Family

The Beta family is probably the most diverse family among the entire tape format families and covers the entire range from home video to professional broadcast flavors.

Most people are familiar with the Betamax system, which was introduced along VHS in the 1970s, however, which lost its footing in the infamous “format war”.

Interestingly enough, despite Betamax decline, it had continued production until the year 2002 in many countries, and was also an important evolutionary step towards the development of BetaCam and professional video formats.

The BetaCam line is the professional evolution of Betamax into the broadcast industry. BetaCam has evolved from the standard BetaCam tape, to the higher quality BetaCam SP and then later to BetaCam SX, Digital BetaCam, BetaCam IMX and eventually it to high-definition flavors – HDCAM & HDCAM-SR

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