The VHS Family

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The VHS Family

The VHS Family

The VHS Family

By far the most common home video format and the most frequent transferred.

VHS (Video Home System) was created in the 1970s and surprisingly is still being manufactured as of 2010 for limited use. It comes in several flavors – most common is the standard VHS, as well as S-VHS, VHS-C and the less frequent D-VHS.

The most important fact regarding VHS, and analog media in general, is that the magnetic particles that form the recorded picture and sound fade away and disintegrate over time. Even the earth magnetic filed does affect analog media such as VHS.

The VHS format is especially susceptible to decay because it was not designed to last for a very long time and was never designed for true professional use.

Another factor to consider, especially when transferring VHS to DVD or VHS to files, is that since VHS has been in use for nearly 40 years and have been through many evolutionary steps, there is really no way to predict which VHS player will play any given tape at optimal quality. Here at Advanced Media, we have a wide variety of VHS decks, from specialized professional-grade decks, to hard-to-find unique models. We always match your tape with the deck that will be the best fit for your tape.

In reality, transferring VHS to DVD and files, is an art form just as much as it is science, and we at Advanced Media have accumulated tens of thousands of tape hours to back it up.



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