The U-Matic Family

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The U Matic Family

The U Matic Family

The 3/4″ U-Matic family, in use from the 1970s to the early 90s, was one of the first professional “enclosed reel” formats.

At these early days of analog videotapes, the wider the actual recording tape was, the better picture quality it offered. ¾” U-Matic comes mainly in two flavors – “low-band” and its higher quality counterpart “high-band”, marked by gray and red tapes respectively.

Since ¾” video has been massively used throughout the world, many institutions and even professionals still have archives of this format.

One of the main challenges with preserving ¾” video is that as time goes by, less and less U-Matic machines are available, especially in shape good enough for high-quality transfer.

We at Advanced Media, have invested in buying and maintaining several U-Matic VTRs for both Hi-band and Low-band and are easily capable of digitizing and transferring ¾” video to any possible digital format.



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