The DV Family

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The DV Family

The DV Family

The DV family of videotape formats is possibly responsible not only for the gradual transition from analog to digital media, but also for revolutionizing the entire movie and TV industry as we know it, and was possibly one of the main evolutionary steps from the traditional approach to video production all the way to the most current applications of digital and tapeless recording.

The DV format, which has started in the mid-90s with film & TV production and was introduced into the consumer electronic market by early 2000s, has been in great use ever since by both professionals and consumers alike.

The DV format is comprised of DV, DVCAM, MiniDV, DVCPro and several other variants, including the HDV and DVCPro HD formats.

It is very likely that a vast amount of home videos and family taped history and memories have been taped on the various DV formats in the period of 2000-2010. The benefit of DV is that it is relatively a stable, digital format and it offers relatively high quality video. Some of the main issues with DV preservation and transfer to DVD or files, is the connectivity issues. DV equipment generally relies on 4-pin or 6-pin “FireWire” cables which are very unstable, and which are being rapidly discontinued by computer manufacturers.

We at Advanced Media offer a large range of DV VTRs that can handle any type of DV, be it DV, DVCAM, MiniDV, DVCPro and HDV, and at either NTSC or PAL, and using professional broadcast equipment, able to transfer it to DVD, files or other tape types. For the professionals in you, we use mostly SDI connectivity to maintain highest picture quality.



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