DVD Duplication

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As the Office Manager of a media company in Hollywood, one of my jobs is to help people with DVD duplication. The first thing to understand about the process is that a duplicate will look exactly like the original. No content is added or removed from the disc at all. Therefore this process does not involve editing and that’s why it tends to be a very affordable service. I just put the master in the top of the duplicating tower and load the blank DVDs underneath. The tower does the rest. We also use inkjet printable discs so I can print any text a customer wants right on the disc. There are no labels to attaché or to peel. We can also print an image on the disc with some very high quality results. The only drawback to using ink can be if you want to use a full color image to cover the entire disc. In this case, I can recommend thermal printing which involves heat to print on the disc. These thermal prints tend to have a more durable finish. The ink can smear if it gets wet where as the thermal will not. Also, the thermal disc has a more shiny finish which some people prefer. Thermal printing is only offered for orders of 100 or more because the process of creating the label is labor intensive. Some people also request large quantities of 1000 or more DVDs or CDs. The process we use is completely different in this case. Rather than duplicating the discs, we would replicate the discs. Replication is how consumer DVDs that you would get of a professionally made disc are made. The process involves the creation of a glass master and it only works for orders of 1000 or more. This process also dramatically reduces the price of each disc.