HD Has Arrived

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I wanted to write a little bit about the now fully emerged HD formats which are available to customers because for one, they may not be aware of them. The process of taking SD or Standard Definition video such as VHS or most tape formats you’re likely to have is known as upconverting. The real benefit of this is that everything is moving towards HD these days and if you’re going to have your footage digitized to a hard drive in order to preserve it or edit it, HD is probably the way to go. It is now very affordable and this service is becoming more and more popular among our clients who want HD files or Bluray discs which will play on your player at home and look amazing. There are actually 2 types of HD on the market. Consider that the main difference is resolution. The resolution for SD tapes such as Hi8, VHS and also DVD is 720×480. That’s a calculation of pixels in your frame with the 480 marking the height and the 720 as the width of the frame. With true HD, you’re getting 1920×1080, more than double the pixels and your video is going to look that much better. Plus, if you’re editing it together at home, you can place it on a HD timeline and cut it together with other HD footage. The other kind of HD which was first on the scene and is no longer very popular is known as 720 HD. That’s because the resolution is 1280×720. You’ll notice that it’s always a reference to the height or the smaller number in each case. So as long as you’re going to take the time to preserve your family history or your vacations or your ballet recital from 1986, why not stay current with HD? It’s just a little more cost but since it’s become so much more affordable in recent years I think you’ll find you’re getting your money’s worth. Also, you’ll never have to transfer that footage again because you’ll already have the best possible files.